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“LOVE!, LOVE!, LOVE! the new SEM online workshops. Stephen has broken the processes down into short video clips that are easy to understand. I can rewind and replay as many times as I want, I can pause to take notes or to practice (hard to do in a live classroom). Stephen’s playful personality and the course content are a winning combination and appeal to everyone, regardless of learning style. I initially read Stephen’s book Heal Thyself and took unpaid leave from work to travel to New York and Toronto to attend “in person” workshops (incurred significant expense). It’s SUPER EXCITING to now have this training available online, from the comfort of our homes. I have found every video to be INSPIRING, ENLIGHTENING and TRANSFORMATIVE! Watching the online videos has enabled me to refresh and learn new skills, as well as embrace an attitude of “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. ”

Carla Zuroff, Houston, Tx

“Even though I have had the privilege of participating in numerous workshops I was still fully engaged in the online Level I workshop when I went through it the first time. Reading Stephen’s book Heal Thyself will provide a basic framework for using SEM, however for the serious student and for committed engagement in the process I believe the Level 1 Online workshop is essential. For anyone new to Source Energy Medicine and to those who may have been on the journey for a while I highly encourage you to pursue the Level 1 online workshop which will provide you with the expanding vision and understanding of the potential for self-healing in every area of your life. Without the Level 1 workshop, I may not have made the commitment to the SEM journey that has provided me with an amazing expansion of my conscious awareness and the good health that I now enjoy. Thank you Stephen for being the means by which Source has delivered to the world this healing resource. Love and gratitude always, Fern ”

Fern Wolf, Georgetown, On, Canada

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