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For evermore known as the SEM QSG TAP!

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Source Energy Medicine!

Everything that's your journey with SEM

  • The ENTIRE SEM charging label system for that you'll be able to make any SEM (over 190 available) in your own home
  • Charging label printing guide...just in case you need help printing the labels
  • How to Take...How to Make SEM Video...which will enable you to be able to start making and taking SEM immediately after watching this short video
  • A SEM sample protocol that helps you know exactly which SEM to make that you can get started today
  • A simple, step by step video that explains the SEM sample protocol...this short clip answers all the FAQs we used to receive...before this video was available
  • SEM People's Desk Reference (I still use the PDR every day)
  • A concise video that explains the PDR and enables you to be able to use the helpful and each step of your journey with SEM
  • The ENTIRE SEM Mondays archive!


Access to the complete SEM Mondays Archive!

I know it's a bit over the top...but it's completely awesome and I want you to have full access to the entire SEM Mondays archive.

That's'll have access to ALL the replays for both the replays from the live SEM Mondays as well as each Nugget of SEM Wisdom Video...from the very first one!


Heal Thyself...the complete book!

That's right...not just an advanced chapter or snippets...but the entire 3rd edition (the latest ed.)...a 333 page electronic format. 

Heal Thyself is the ultimate guide to Source Energy Medicine!


Access the Total Access Page on any computer tablet or smartphone!

How cool is that?!

All the tech is super easy on your end and the absolutely best available for both of us!

And we have a small but kind and friendly support team to guide you each step of the way!

We have had folks sign up in from all around the world!

And everyone can make all the same SEM..with the same we can here!

Why did I create this Total Access Page?

That's a great question!
The SEM QSG TAP stemmed from my strong desire to provide you with EVERYTHING that is essential to your transformative experience with SEM...ALL in one handy, well-organized, safe, convenient location!

Initially we were advised to deliver the SEM QSG in a series of emails...which is the standard practice. While that certainly made sense...I found a lot of people were missing some of the emails...and each email contained integral parts to support you on your journey with SEM. 

The Total Access Page enables you to access ALL the one handy, convenient, well organized location.

I don't have to worry about whether you received each piece or not....and you know exactly where to go to access the content!  

Once you've registered...all you have to do is login!..from anywhere in the world...from any device!



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Source Energy Medicine - Quick Start Guide - Total Access Page!

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