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Why did I create the SEM Transformation Club?

That's a great question!

I have come to fully realize that...

not everyone who is interested in healing themselves...

and exploring going to be interested in an in-depth...3 week online workshop. 

Which led me to can I best support these folks?

And the answer is...

the SEM Transformation Club!

This truly is the FAST TRACK...and it has been described as totally awesome!..

and I completely agree!


There are 3 keys to achieving the transformation you have been searching for.

Getting Started with SEM!

The first one might seem overly simplistic...
but I think you'd be shocked by how many people learn about SEM...
read Heal a bunch of my videos...
and don't ever get started with SEM.

Even though it's all free and openly available.

It took me a long time to figure this out...
and if you'll stick with me...I'll share with you everything I've learned.

I will help you to quickly and easily learn how to make SEM in your own home.
I will teach you everything you need to know about taking SEM!
And this is half the battle!
And you'll be on your way to the transformation you have been seeking and perhaps praying for!

Consistent Support!

Consistency is Key #2.
And being able to get the answers to your questions...
directly and efficiently...
from Stephen, the creator of SEM...and not a bot...
takes the guess work out of it!
Being able to interact in the SEM community forum inside this awesome club...
and not on a social well worth the investment by itself!
Knowing I am not alone on my journey with not only comforting...
but will help to ensure my success!
Our private, exclusive members only forum enables each of us to be able to connect with others exploring SEM from around the world.
Share in each other's stories, challenges and successes!
And cheer each other on!
Join us NOW!
You owe it to yourself!

Sticking with it!

Here too...this third key... might seem pretty obvious.
But since 2005 I have seen a lot of
what I would characterize as miraculous experiences
come from people choosing to hanging in there long enough
to allow full transformation, balance and restoration to unfold.

And with the support of this amazing community...
you're far less likely to quit!
Which is to're far MORE likely to succeed!

I am always sad when I receive an email from someone who started SEM...and they didn't stick with it.
My sadness is mostly because their lives are either exactly the same...
or in most cases significantly worse. And they are filled with regret!

If you stick with me...I and the rest of this amazing community...
will help to ensure this does not happen to you!

Here's what you get with your
SEM Transformation Club Membership...

In a nut will receive everything that's essential to your transformation and journey with SEM!

This membership is THE fast track...
to finally getting the answers...
you have been searching for!

And the well-being that is....
your birth right!

Two Live Webinars...Every Month

Join the amazing, global SEM Community, live and virtually...from the comfort of your own home or office...and connect with other members of the SEM T Club!

And have the unique opportunity to be able to ask questions in real time!

The SEM T-Club Will Save You...
Time, Money and Frustration!

Each Live Webinar Will be Edited and Archived

Just in case you're not able to join us live...

or even if you did...

you'll be able to access the replay to all the live webinars inside the archive...

so you can view them at your leisure!

The SEM T-Club is...
SO Simple...
SO Accessible...
SO Affordable

You Will Receive Unlimited Access to ALL of the content from the


Including the Extension to the SEM QSG Video Series!

This truly is is all the information you will need on your entire journey with SEM.

All organize for maximal effect and efficiency...saving you time, energy and heart ache!

Joining the SEM T-Club...
is a no brainer!

Access the SEM

T-Club Membership... from any computer, tablet, or smartphone!

How cool is that?!

All the tech is super easy on your end and the absolutely best available for both of us!

And we have a small but kind and friendly support team to guide you each step of the way!

We have had folks sign up in from all around the world!

And everyone can make all the same SEM..with the same we can here!

I invite you to join me inside the
SEM Transformation Club!

Click the button below and sign up now...

and you'll have immediate access to the SEM T - Club! 

Claim your keys now...and unlock the transformation

you have been searching for!

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